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She was laughing even as we kissed and kissed again. There is no better taste than someone else’s laughter in your mouth. (via cl4yton)

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Why can’t dudes like THIS hang out with me?

summertime sex and late night vibin

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Stop me I may be drunk

Literacy is very important for Britney Spears- so when she went to Japan in 1999 to film a commercial for Suki candies, she was devastated to learn that Japanese people had no written language. She spent the next two years learning Japanese and formulating a written language for them. Japan now has a 99% literacy rate (2013), one of the best in the world. She regularly goes back to visit and is considered one of Japan’s national treasures.
(iii) a series of unfinished poems about a boy


Dear T,

There is truth in fear. Crawling through darkness, blind to opposition, there is only one thing we can see, hear, feel

                                   and that is our own presence.

My own skeleton is destroyed by many variables. There are tattoos inked across my many (prison) cells, I hold my reminders much like everyone else -

       through permanence.

On our second day. (I say our as if it was solely mine and yours, bundled up in the arctic, scrambling for heat out of desperation,) on our second day, I was told to write down your very being,

hang on to a superficial limb and climb down your spirit. I stare into your eyes for one

                     l     o     n    g      minute. 

hanging on every second, hinging on your humanity, scattering -

 - I am seconds from falling off a cliff -

- Bright blue eyes. Bright. 

I write it down as if were so simple, just oh so simple to say what I mean.

A simple adjective is never enough, but it has to do.

- Freckles

                 Ineffective. I trace words

I want to say to you like constellations against your arched cheekbones.

                      I am holding on, simply, ineffective,

   if only barely.

Dear T,

There is no need for fear. There is comfort in discomfort.